Wednesday, September 9, 2009

" I Am Busy " Mindset

" I am busy ..........., I am busy ..........., I am busy....................".

I have been hearing people saying the above phrase very frequently. I am wondering when it is time for the busy person to leave the world, can he say that he is too busy to leave the world? Can his death be postponed?

When someone did not do their job, they will say they are busy and do not have time to do it. When someone does not want to attend a function, the best excuse is to say " I am busy ".

When my mother was at her last breath, my brother summoned my niece to come home, however, my sister-in-law had a quarrel with him. She scolded my brother for calling my niece back from her busy work assignment at outstation. I was really disappointed to find out that my niece actually went outstation for a holiday with some friends and not for work assignment as mentioned by my sister in law.
When my nephew in law did not come home to attend my eldest brother's funeral, he gave the excuse of "he was busy with work". However, we were disappointed to know that he actually went to a casino with his friends during that day.
When our clients do not want to see us, they will give the excuse of "they are busy"!
I believe we can easily give many many examples of people using " I AM BUSY " to push their duties and responsibilities away.
I believe all busy people must find out why are they so busy? Did they set their priority right? Many of my busy friends eventually told me that they are really exhausted and they did not achieve what they want! They have missed the opportunity to enjoy the happy moments with their family members, and the worst one they told me was that they have forgotten how to live their life! Do you want to join them?
Any views to share?

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