Monday, September 21, 2009

Who Should Guide The Younger Generations?

I was surprised to see the indifferent attitude of a young lady when I was at a retail store yesterday. The young lady was searching for some electrical products at a retail store. When she was searching for her electrical product, a packet of goods dropped down from the shelf. The packet of goods landed in front of her legs. As I was curious to know how she would respond to it, I stand there for a few minutes just to observe her response. I was rather disppointed to see that she just ignored the packet of goods which was on the floor. A question immediately comes to my mind, I was thinking if she is the owner of the store, would she expect her customer to help pick up the packet of goods and place it back to the shelf?! I believe she might be thinking that this is non of my business, why should I care about it! I am just a customer of the retail store. I really do not know how the younger generations are being "moulded" up nowaday? I also do not know whether helping people is considered as a good value to the younger generations? I believe all the parents and teachers should review how we should "mould" our younger generations?!

I still remember the story of a robber who bites off the nipples of his mother during his last moment with his mother. He blamed and scolded his mother for not guiding him the right value in life! When he was in a primary school, he always "take" his classmate's pencil or pencil box back to his house. His mother did not scold or punish him. When he was in seconday school, he used to "take" protection money from his classmates or schoolmates. His mother also did not check with him on how and where he gets his money? When he left school, he started to rob people of their belongings. Eventually, he was involved in a gun robbery. He was caught and was sentenced to death by the Judge.

Who should guide our younger generations on the right value in life? The Government, the teachers or the parents? I believe we really need to look at this matter seriously before it becomes worse and affect the society!


  1. You know the saying or proverb it takes a village to raise a child. I remember growing up that the 'village' or my neighbors took responsibility for each one and the parents and families had that expectation and gave 'permission' to help keep us straight. We have lost that shared responsibility.

    Sadly this condition has affected our society and is getting worst. Just watch the news or read the papers. Who takes responsibility or give and accept permission to encourage and maintain the values. Who will or should work to penetrate the psyche of those metering out violence or otherwise erode the values of society or humanity, to influence change and offer the support to bring about change. We need everyone but the parents MUST step up. The community must support and embrace before we go the way of the dinosaurs, prematurely.

  2. Thank you very much for your sharing. I agreed with your view. I believe all these will be back to basic one day. The society can look for materialistic advancement, however, we just can't ignore the importance of good value for us to live in a better world!