Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cultivating " Happiness Begins With Us " Mindset

" People Need Motivating Words To Cheer Up! "

If we can cheer up a person by uttering some motivating words to him or her, why should we be so stingy about our words? Anyway, making people happy is just like sprinkling perfume on others, you will also get the perfume smell eventually.

The below video which I received from a long lost friend has a great message to tell us! In fact, I am really impressed with the content of the video. The World would be a better place for us if all of us were to take the initiative to utter some kind and motivating words to whoever we are dealing with! The video was posted by hughnewman1024 on YouTube last year. To appreciate the picture, please click on the below link :
Different people may have different views, if you are having different views, please share your views.


  1. All it takes sometimes is a few kind and uplifting words and while this may change another person's mood for the better the real beneficiary is the on e saying the words. Love the video. I saw it a while back and had forgotten about it so thanks for the reminder

  2. Thanks for the valuable sharing. May you be well and happy always.