Tuesday, September 15, 2009

" Normalize It " Mindset

I came to know that one of my colleagues is afraid to attend wake. According to him whenever he had attended any wake, he will fall sick seriously and the worst thing is that he will have bad luck for the next few months. Picture courtesy of Science Agogo

Recently, I created a joke out of him. I told him that he should attend more wakes to increase his positive mental energy. I told him that he won't die by attending more wakes. In fact, I believe it would be better for him. I believe some superstitous person will be saying that I am MAD! Yes, I am MAD, I want to Make A Difference (MAD). I do not want him to continue to live in the shadow of FEAR! I want to help him to overcome his FEAR! I believe what I do is right! In fact, the reasons behind my jokes are, if he were to attend more wakes:

1. he will slowly become "immune" to it.
2. his fear towards superstitious matter will also disappear slowly
3. for every wake he attends, he will surely learn something about life! e.g " life is uncertain, death is certain ", " Everything in this world is subjected to Impermanance ", " how should we leave this world " etc......... .

Well, I do not deny or rule out that the " spirit " or the " consciousness of the deceased " is around during the wake. However, I believe the deceased will not "hurt" anyone since the deceased is in a " transition period " to go to another plane of existence.

I share with this colleague a real story of another friend. This friend of mine is very scared of ghosts! He told me that he won't go near to any cemetery because there are many ghosts there. However, when he had fallen in love with a girl who is living nearby a cemetery, he has forgotten that he is afraid of ghosts! He even invited his girl friend to go for midnight show and late supper. After the midnight show and supper which almost near to 1.45 a.m. he will then send her girl friend back to her house. The ghosts issue no longer appears in his mind!

I believe my collegue has to take greater efforts to strenghen his mental state! Just take the example of the radio. If we tune to certain wavelength, certain radio station will be on air. If we constantly focus our mind on negative matter, the negative matter will be attracted by us and it follows us wherever we goes!

y disagreement? Please share your views.

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