Friday, September 18, 2009

A " Stubborn " Mindset

One of my neighbors told me that he is suffering from insomnia. According to him, his sickness may be due to his previous employment schedule. He was a flight steward before. He opted for voluntary separation scheme two years ago. According to him, since the day he left his employment, he is unable to sleep every night. He was putting the blame on his previous employment.

Based on my observation, he is a very stubborn person. He refuses to accept others' opinions and advices. This is not the first time he is telling me about his problem. In fact, I and my other neighbors had been advising him to change his lifestyle. However, he just " brushed " our advice away. He continues to enjoy his life every night till early next morning then only he returns to his house.

In my opinion, this is a mindset problem. A person who refuses to be " open " and " let go " his own view. In fact, he is not the only person in this world that is facing this type of mindset problem, i.e unable to manage his mind and let the " thoughts " that are created in the mind to control thier life!

Just to share an example how our thoughts created in our mind can control us if we don't control them, take the example of a rapist or a robber, what would happen to him if he can't control his mind, all the evil thoughts in his mind will overrule him and " push " him to commit the evil action!

I strongly believe that no one can control our mind unless we surrender our right to let others to control it! I understand that this neighbor of mine has sought the help of some religious groups, however, due to his " stubbornness ( he thinks he is better than all them! ) ", no effective results have been achieved. This is a very obvious case that if a person is highly egoistic and refuses to be open and let go his own wrong views, no one can help him or her!
Please share your view!

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