Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The " I Am Sincere" Mindset

"I am sincere to ....................... . It's true, I am really sincere to ............." .

Why should we tell people that we are sincere? Do we mean we are not sincere all the time or our sincerity is at stake? Action speaks louder than words, why can't we show our sincerity through our actions?!

I have come across many incidences where the person who says he or she is sincere is the most "non-sincere" person!

One of my friends ( a General Manager ) likes to use the above phrase when he is talking to his subordinates. However, from my understanding, he is the most "non-sincere" person in the organization. Whatever he says or does, he has a "secret agenda" behind his words or action. One of the incidences that I still can remember well was when his Human Resource Manager was recommended by his superior to become the Group HR Manager, he was so afraid that he told me he will find ways to stop him to be promoted to the recommended position. When I asked him why, he told me that the current HR Manager may "hurt" all his team members if he is up there! From what I know he has been "mistreating or victimising" the HR Manager all these while. I believe he is more worried for himself rather than for his team members. He told the HR Manager that he was sincere and wanted to help him. He "sweet talk" and convince the HR Manager that the higher level he goes, the position will be more and more hectic. When the HR Manager echoed him that he believe what he said, he immediately picked up the telephone and call his superior to tell his superior that the HR Manager had rejected the promotion. The HR Manager ( also one of my friends ) later told me that he was stunned and speechless when the GM called and tell the MD that he had rejected the promotion. In fact, the HR Manager told me that he would like to take up the challenges.

I came across another incident where a businessman told me that he is very sincere with his employees, however, after knowing him for a few weeks, I can say that he is a real hypocrite! He did not honor his words all the times! He promised the employees if they meet certain targets as set by him, he will give them a good bonus, but when they hit the targets, he just "easily" forget what he had promised the employees! He will use the money for his own "pleasure" instead of sharing some profit with his employees. Honestly, I do not know whether does he really understand the word " SINCERE" mean?!

I believe a sincere person uses his action to prove to people that he is sincere. He does not need to tell people that he is sincere all the time! Any disagreement?


  1. Laughed when I read about your GM who uses the I'm sincere language and is not.

    Agree with your thoughts.

    I feel the same way about the phrase "honestly" being used in conversation. It begs the same question as the sincerity one - are they not honest the other times? If the point meant is that we are being extremely open I'd rather hear someone say "to be candid" rather than "honestly".

  2. Thank you very much for your valuable sharing. I agreed with what you said.