Thursday, August 27, 2009

" Home Sweet Home " ?

When I was visiting my friend at the hospital last week, I was amazed when I got to know that the first sentence a buddhist monk told his followers after he had regained his consciousness from his heart operation was : " I want to go home! ". Being a buddhist monk, he has already renounced from his home and yet he is telling his followers that he wants to go home!

Nowaday, there are many youngsters who do not like to go home! They prefer to loiter around at the shopping complexes, cybercafes or get together with their friends in a nearby food stall to "chit chat"! I really do not understand what is inside the mind of all this youngsters! What are the reasons that they do not like to go home? Is their house really such a "horrible" place for them to be around? What actually went wrong with them or their home?

A buddhist monk who has renounced from home is requesting permission to go home, the youngsters who have a home and they do not want to go home! Sometime, the parents also do not know what their children are doing outside their home till late night! In fact, there are many crime cases happened during night time! What has actually gone wrong with the society? The parental guidance or the education system or both?

Based on the crime rate which has increased over the years, I believe this is a serious issue the society needs to address! If it is the parental guidance that has gone wrong, parents have to re-look at the ways how they guide their children. If it is the fault of the education system, someone in the higher authority needs to take a careful look at the situation. I believe we should be more pro-active and develop a preventive action plan to address the issue before it happens!

I also strongly believe that "Home" is best place to build the character and the right value system of the younger generation! We should put our hands together to help the younger generation to make the world a better place to stay. Just like the beautiful saying "Charity Begins From Home", should I also add "Character building also Begins from Home"