Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The "FEARING" Mindset

" If you do not follow what the Divine Being says or disobey His Instruction or Order, He will punish you by sending you to a "Torturing Place" later!"

The above statement sounds interesting! I do not know who "created" the statement. What I am interested to know is "how does the person who said that statement knows the Divine Being can get angry and send the person to Hell?". The Divine Being is supposed to be compassionate and treated all human like His own child. However, if the above statement is true, I am wondering how could the Divine Being does such a cruel thing? It is just like a mother who is angry with his child and kill the child just to stop him from further annoying her! It seems to me that they are many self-proclaimed messengers of the Divine Being who are here to convey the message of the Divine Being nowaday. Some of them use the tactic of "FEAR" to threaten people so that they will become their follower. Some of them use "LOVE" to win over the heart of the people! If the people do not succumb to "Threat", they will use "Love"! Anyway, if the Divine Being can get angry, then what is the difference between Him and us, the Human Being? I believe many self proclaimed messengers have already "humanized (?!)" the Divine Being.

Anyway, why should we be a "Divine Being Fearing" human? I believe as long as we practise "Avoid Evil, Do Good and Purify our Mind / Soul ", we should not worry so much about the consequences we have to face later. I believe we should "fear not" by upholding good moral principle and value "! Please share your view.

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