Thursday, July 16, 2009

Should We Cultivate "Good Begets Good" Mindset?

Recently, I saw a lady who went to seek blessings from a religious teacher. She cried and told the religious teacher that someone has cast a spell on her recently. According to her, she has lost her appetite to eat and also can't sleep well now. Her health is deteriorating and she feel dizzy the whole day. She requested the religious teacher to do some blessings for her. The religious teacher complied to her request. One week later, the lady came back to tell the religious teacher that the bad spell has come back again.

I do not underestimate the power of " blessings or black magic ". However, can "blessings and or black magic" solve our problem permanently? Well, I do believe that blessings does boost up our spirit. As for "black magic or charm ", it may tame down our senses at time, however, the consequences we have to suffer is immense! Just to share a real story of my friend : Many years back, I had a friend who likes to play around with "black magic". One day, one of his subordinates quarrelled with him, he told me that he was so upset and he enagaged a medium to cast a spell on this subordinate. His subordinate did not know about it. A few weeks later, his subordinate met with an accident and lost one of his limbs ( I do not know whether was it a co-incidence?! ). Since then, my friend has become so "guilty conscious" that he always like to distant himself from all his subordinates and colleagues. He just don't like to hear about the story of this subordinate. I believe he is living in the shadow of FEAR! He scared that his other colleagues and subordinates may find out he had cast a spell on this subordinate. I believe there is no word in this world that can express the mental anguish he has to go through after the incident!

As for me personally, I am more concerned to know why people would want to a cast a spell on us? Also, the most important question is, " Why You and Not Others "? I strongly believe that for any "effects" that we get, there must be some causes or reasons behind. What are the reasons or causes which make people to be so unhappy or jealous over us? Did we intentionally hurt anyone physically or mentality? What are the things that we didn't do it right? I believe most of the people will be more focussing on why people want to take such a horrible action towards us instead of what we have done wrong? Man always blinded by our own "selfishness". What we have done towards others we just want people to forget about it, but whatever people has done towards us, it is just so difficult for us to forget about it!
As the saying goes, if we do good towards others, others will reciprocate accordingly. I believe strongly with this saying! Anyone has different view? Please share your view.


  1. Spell and Curse will hit on the weak minds and the lost souls.

    Practice mindfulness with wisdom and compassion and soon one will realise that life is karma and what you want to do next.

  2. Thank you very much for your valuable sharings. May All Beings Be Well And Happy Always!