Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Tribute To Michael Jackson - The King Of Pop

The passing away of Michael Jackson, the King Of Pop is a great loss to the music industry and the entertainment world. His professional showmanship, his passion towards music, his drive, his energy and the songs he composed had really shaken the world. Michael Jackson was also a great samaritan. He had donated much of his fortune to help the poor and the children.
Although there are many controversies around him, I believe Michael has done his job well in this world. His untiring efforts to bring joy to the people in the world has really gained my highest respect! I believe his below four great songs have really touched the hearts of many of us. They are : We Are The World, You Are Not Alone, Heal The World and Earth Song. The songs are so meaningful, beautiful and inspiring. Through these few meaningful, beautiful and inspiring songs, Michael delivered an important message to all mankind in the world, that is we need to be back to the basic human nature, that is to show respect, love and be generous towards all mankind in this world!
Although Michael Jackson has left us physically, his high spirit can never be erased from our mind! Let us put our hearts together to bid farewell to this Great Man!


  1. I cannot help but to compare MJ's death with Lady (ex-Princess) Diana. Both lived a life of self indulgence and self interest, both shared the media spotlight for their own reasons, both dead when they are relatively young and still famous...

    But LD's death is mourned by the world, despite dying in her lover's car and all the scandals whereas no one is crying for MJ (may be not yet) except those who bought his tickets for the last show in London.

    Perhaps, the elements in difference is public good.. What did LD do? She started charity foundations and continued to support them till her death.

    MJ? hmmm... I remember he started "We are the world" for the African children before he decided that he is white. Of course he sang "Heal the world" and "Black or white" .. selling his album with some money going to the charity (but more to himself).

    I guess when a person dies, those left behind would normally do an audit on what he did and what public good he made. (not that I am saying this is right or wrong.. for those moral police out there.)

    But the more important thing is that one must remember what public good are we doing now... and how we can live life better, with meaning, with compassion and wisdom.

    Looking at the pop stars, how many of them have done public good? Maddona*?

    Amitabha Amitabha Amitabha.. May he finally rest in peace.

  2. Thank you very much for your valuable sharings. My humble opinion is that we can't really compare how people contribute towards the society. By the way, is "comparing" a sort of "Suffering"? I believe different people may have different background. As long as they have the " Heart " to contribute, we should share the joy with them.

    If I didn't remember wrongly, I did come across a story about an old lady who cut and sold her hair just to buy a little bit of oil to light up her oil lamp to attend a sermon. At the end of the day, her "HEART" counts!

    I also do not believe the "Greatness(?!)" of a person can be measured by the no. of people who
    cried when he or she has passed away. In this
    modern society, we can pay money to engage people to cry. Someone told me this joke sometime ago, he said if we are willing to pay for a "professional fees" of RM100.00, the professional will cry for the whole night, if we pay him RM200.00, he will cry and at the same time "hammer" his chest at times, and if we pay him RM300.00 he will cry, "hammer" his chest and also "roll" on the floor at times. Hahaha........

    Once again, thanks for your valuable sharing.

  3. Comparing with good intention for the purpose of not slandering and no attachment should be ok..

    In Buddhism, too many policeman decide what can and cannot.. and this cannot .. that cannot...

    Armed with Mindfulness with wisdom and compassion.. you will find your rights and wrong..

    Try It.

  4. Great insight and good sharing.

    If we can have a clear mind and is fully aware of our real intention ( without involving our emotion ), I fully agreed with your statement that "Comparing with good intention for the purpose of not slandering and no attachment should be ok....". However, I really do not know how many of us can really " WATCH " our emotion.

    I thought in Buddhism, the teaching of the Buddha is the only guide. The so called "Policeman" is not the Buddha. I believe when in doubt, buddhists should revert to the original Scripture for clarification. In fact, this is the biggest problem in the World! The misinterpretaion of the Holy Scripture be it the Bible, The Tripitaka, The Quran....etc has created choas in the world.

    I fully agreed with your statement that "Armed with Mindfulness with wisdom and compassion........". I believe it should be irrespective of what religious label we are in.

    I hope you can continue to share more of your valuable views with me.

    Once again, thank you!