Thursday, July 9, 2009

Should We Worry About " FATE " ?

Recently, a friend of mine told me the story of a lady who committed suicide a few months ago. He told me that the lady committed suicide because she was living in the state of "FEAR"! According to my friend, this lady went to consult a fortune teller about her life before she committed suicide. The fortune teller told her that she has to be extremely careful when she reaches the age of 28. According to the fortune teller, the lady will be encountering a traumatic situation which will endanger her life at that age. This lady was so worried that she couldn't sleep and eat well. She was at the age of 25 then. She suspected that she will have a short life after the consultation and she told everybody that she will not live past the age of 28. Eventually, she went into "Depression". A few months before she committed suicide, she started to see images at every corner of her house. Sometime she will talk to her ownself for a few hours and told her family members that she was talking to some spirits. She even told some of her family members that one of the spirit wanted her to be with him soon. Since she is mentally unstable, everyone just ignore what she said. The next thing her family knew was that she has committed suicide at the age of 27!

I believe that there are many incidences like this happening around the world everywhere, everyday and every minute! Those who do not have the ability to control their own destiny and or fate, other people will take over their control. What a pity?!

It is a fact that we should keep ourself happy all the times. Most of the time, things that make us unhappy are things that were already passed and/or things that are going to happen. I believe the above stated lady was trapped in this type of situation. She had neglected the fact that we are here in this world for a good and valuable moment and not for a long time, we do not live forever. We should put our concentration on what we can do and not focussing on the non value added thought on how long can one live!
Anyway, does it really matter how long we can live? Why should we spend our valuable time to focus on things that no one can really give us an exact answer? Why can't we put our concentration on what we can do rather than to cry over the past or worry about the future? As the saying goes, if you want to know what you had done in the past, you are experiencing the "results or fruit" now! If you want to know about your future, the present moment is the "processing time"! We have to be realistic and live in the present moment! I believe if the above stated lady can let go about what the fortune teller told her and do not worry so much about her future, she will not go into Depression!

If our mind is clear, no one or no unwholesome thoughts can take over your life! As we can see from some of the cancer patients, if they have a strong mind to "fight" the war, the chances are there for them. If their mind were to tell them to give up and they really give up, I do not believe there is a slightest chance for them to survive!


  1. I don't think we should worry about nothing we can't change, we have to accept the truth and decide what we are going to do with it.But one thing we know for sure it's power in good thoughts.

  2. Thank you very much for your valuable sharing. I agreed and really appreciate your view. Thanks.