Monday, July 6, 2009

Can A Clear Mind Help?

" Chicken comes first or an egg comes first? "

Recently, I came to know about an interesting organization where this question will definitely be posted to a candidate when he or she comes for an interview. According to the founder of the Group, this question is important to him. He always use this question to assess whether the potential candidate has the same alignment with him in terms of belief, value and philosophy. If the candidate is having different view from him, he will not employ the candidate eventhough he has good academic results. This is really an interesting way of checking a person's belief, value and philosophy of a person.

Nowadays, we can see many young couples break off after they have married for just a few years. I believe at the time when they were courting, everything was so............... beautiful! They were living in an idealistic dream! I have a friend who was having this similar problem. When they were courting, he will eat whatever his girl friend eats eventhough he didn't like the food. When his girl friend tells him she doesn't like to have baby, he agreed with her. After having married for two years, they told me that they just couldn't stay together anymore. He told me he can't eat what she eats everyday. He has totally different taste bud from her. He told me his parent is requesting him to have at least one baby. If he wants to have a baby, he has broken his promise to his wife. If he doesn't want to have a baby, he will disappoint his parents as he is the only son in his family. He is in a dilemma now, he really doesn't know what to do!

If we were to have a clear mind like the enterpreneur as stated above, I believe we will have a own set of "selection criteria" to be focus on. If we have identified the so called "selection criteria", the chances of we going wrong can be minimised. Well, be it in business, working environment, or choosing a life partner, we must have a cool and clear mind.

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