Friday, June 26, 2009

Should We Accept "Impermanent"?

" You by my side, that's how I see us, I close my eyes, and I can see us, we on our way to say " I Do "........". What a beautiful wedding song!

When my aunty married ten years ago the above beautiful song was played at the banquet hall where the wedding dinner was served. Recently, I came to know that my aunty was having a serious marital problem with her husband. According to my sister-in-law, my aunty discovered that her husband is having an affair with a young lady from foreign country. What I heard is that the lady was young, gorgeous, have very good social skill and also good skill at taking care of "man". I ama really surprised that this unhappy incident happened to my aunty. I still remembered the day when my uncle proposed to marry my aunty, everyone in the family were so happy. Everyone in the family thought that this is a perfect match! Out of a sudden, I heard that my uncle's heart has changed, he told my aunty that he, as a well known businessman in the society, he cannot live with a lady who is old looking, non fashionable, not sociable....... . What an insult to my aunty?! It seems he won't grow old!

If my uncle is attached to the "image" of "young, pretty and gorgeous" look, definitely, my aunty won't be abe to meet it! Everything in this world is subjected to change! All of us will grow old, the appearance of our physical body will change accordingly. Our muscles will start to sag, our internal organ will start to show sign of degeneration...... . How can one goes against the natural laws?

In my opinion,we have to accept the fact that nothing in this world is permanent! We must make sure that we do not let our mind sways us away from believing that "All conditioned things are Impermanent!". Whatever thing arises in this world are with conditions, e.g. a table, the conditions are : we must buy the wood, we must cut it according to the specification, we must polish the wood............ . Same like conceiving a baby, the conditions are : father and mother must come together, it's the fertile period of the mother ........... . If we do not meet all these conditions, do you think the end results can be met? Same goes to my aunty's situation, if my uncle can accept the the fact that our physical body is subjected to the natural process of change, I do believe they will not come to this type of situation!

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