Saturday, June 20, 2009

The " How To " Mindset

"It Begins With The End In Mind!"
Personally, I agree with the above statement. However, with an "End In Mind" is not good enough, we must also identify a right process to achieve it. With an "End In Mind" without a right "Process" to support it, it is just like a "Dream"! I have seen many people failed to achieve what they have planned for just because they do not have a right process.
Just take an example of someone who intends to bake a banana cake. With his "vision" of seeing the cake within the next few hours, he goes to the mini-mart to purchase the ingredients. However, if he doesn't know the process of how to : a) mix the ingredients in the right sequence and with the right composition, b) bake the dough with the right temperature and right timing, do you think he can get a good banana cake at the end of the day? I wonder! Another example is the businessman, if he has a big vision to bring his organization from a local level to a world class level, and if he does not identify the right process to do it, do you think he can achieve his dream at the end of the day? As for the student? If he or she has an ambition to be an doctor one day and he does not have the right "study" process, can he achieve his dream?
Many people like to create a "Vision"! Most of them just neglect the importance of identifying the right process to achieve it! I have come across many organizations hanging their "Vision" and "Mission" Statements in their front offices and many areas within their premises, however when I asked their staffs on how they are going to achieve it, they just told me they do not know. Some of them even told me that it is their boss instruction to hang the "Vision" and "Mission" there!
My sharing is that if we have created a vision or set up a goal, do not neglect to identify the right process to achieve it. If we fail to identify the right process, our vision or goal will remain as an "Intention" or just a "Dream"!
As the saying goes, " If you are on the right process, your results will come automatically "!
Any sharings?

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