Wednesday, June 17, 2009

All In The State Of Mind!

" Ah Pek ( an address to an elderly Chinese man ), if you take this medicine, you can walk immediately! This medicine is like "battery" water, it will give you the strength and energy to walk. Trust me Ah Pek. I don't cheat you Ah Pek! ". This is the so called "assurance" the hospital assistant gave to an elderly person who had just undergone a surgery.
I was not surprised to see the Ah Pek stand up and walked after he had taken the medicine. I believe many of us may have encountered a similar situation like this. Whenever our "self -confidence" level has dropped, we need some external "assurance or catalyst" to boost back our confidence!
Mind can make wonders! If you believe you can or have full confidence in doing whatever you are doing or intend to do, you will succeed in doing it. However, if you do not have the confidence, you definitely won't be able to achieve the end results!
Faith Healing is a very good example. If the patient himself does not have the confidence in the treatment, I believe the Faith Healer will fail in his effort to treat the person! I believe all these are in the state of our mind!
Let us do an exercise to see how our mind can deceive us, can you count the no. of black dots on the picture as shown on the left? Having difficulty to count? Well, this is eactly how our mind can deceive us! I believe if we don't have a cool and calm mind, we won't be able to make a sound judgement in whatever we do!
If we don't manage our mind, our mind will manage us! If our mind is managing us, how can we see thing in its true sense?

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