Monday, June 15, 2009

Should We Do Our Part?!

"If you were to go for a long holiday and forget to lock your house, what guarantee can you get from the Divine Being that your house will be safe when you return? This is the question my friend posted to me when I was having tea with him yesterday.

I believe there are two important parts to this question! One part is on the faith on the Divine Being, the other part is on the duty and responsibiity of the person himself! I am not in a position to talk on the faith on the Divine Being, however, I would like to share my views on the duty and responsibility of the person as follows: Why should we make the Divine Being as our security guard? Why should we push our duty and responsibility to the Divine Being? What have we done to ensure our own safety and security? If we were to push everything to the Divine Being, what is the difference between us and the robot? Moreover, by doing this we are going to make the Divine Being to be very very busy! Let us be fair to the Divine Being, we must also do our part! Well, in this context, I salute the free thinkers who do not have a Divine Being to rely on! They really practise Self -Reliance!

I believe as long as human beings do not eradicate this unfavorable habit of pushing duty and responsiblity to others, the world will continue to be in a mess! Let us put our hearts together so that we can work towards eradicating this unfavorable habit and make the world a better place to stay!


  1. Very interesting topic and food for thought.

  2. Thank you very much for your valuable comments.