Saturday, June 6, 2009

What A "Ghostly" Mindset!

I have a friend who told me he will never visit any friend who is in the hospital. I asked him why? He told me that whenever he goes to any hospital, he will fall sick the next day! He also told me that there are many "ghosts" in the hospital disturbing the visitors. Well, as for his explanation on he will fall sick the next day, my reasoning is that it could be due to his body's immunal system is weak. As for his explanation on there are many ghosts in the hospital to disturb visitors, I do not see any reason why the ghosts want to "disturb or victimise" him?

I believe the following has been implanted in his mind ... "ghosts are terrible and horrible, their face are full of blood and very very scary, they will harm people, they will possess your body etc etc ......." Some parents use this to frighten their young children so that they won't simply go anywhere. These parents are really innocent. They do not know by doing this, they have already implanted a wrong concept in the mind of their young children. Their children will be scared of ghosts, have no confidence to walk in the dark, scared of attending funeral etc etc... for the rest of their life! I have seen some of these children even go to the extend of becoming very superstitious later! I believe this friend of mine is also suffering from the same consequences.

If I were to post a question : Which is more harmful, Mankind or Ghosts? What would be your answer? If you were to say is ghost, the next interesting questions I am going to ask are : Have you ever seen a ghost take away many many many human life in one event like a War? Have you ever come across a serial rapist ghost? Have you come across a ghost torturing mankind like putting a hot iron on the body of another human? Have you come across a ghost "tempting" mankind to "hook" on to drugs? I haven't seen or come across any of the above incidences before. If you have come across, I do hope you can share your view.

The strong inclination of human beings towards sensual and sexual pleasure have blown off their mind! They can't really differentiate what is wrong and what is right! They will just do whatever that can satisfy their sensual and sexual pleasure. They couldn''t be bothered about whether the method they use to get what they want is wrong or right! They can be very cruel at time just to get what they want! Well, as for the ghosts, they are already in the in the "suffering" state, if they are in the suffering state, how can they have the "free" time to disturb mankind? On the contrary, if the ghosts are not in the suffering state, they will be at a "happy" state! If they are in the happy state, why should they create trouble for themselves by disturbing mankind??? I really do not understand!

Anyway, I believe human beings already have enough "human problem" to cope with. Can we find a way to treat all ghosts like Casper - the friendly ghost so that all beings, be it human beings or other beings can live in peace in this beautiful world! If I am not wrong, I remember some religious school taught that we must love our enemies so that our love will "melt" the heart of our enemies! Please share your view.


  1. You are correct that you become what you believe - In other words if you think you will be sick, you will get sick.
    People project their fears, i.e. ghosts on situations and other people.
    True happiness lies within, not from external sources.

  2. Thank you very much for the sharing. I agreed with you that true happiness lies within and not from external sources!

    Have a great day!


  3. I agree with you, it is the humans, not the ghosts, that you better watch.
    Thanks for visiting

  4. Thank you very much for your sharing and support.

    May you and your family be well and happy always.