Saturday, July 25, 2009

The "Study One Thing, Do Another Thing" Mindset

Recently, I wrote to two religious societies seeking their help to find an Accountant for my friend's company. I wrote to them because they are located near to my friend's office. In my mail to them, I stated clearly that I am not a recruitment agent or a headhunter. I do not collect any fees from my friend. My intention is just to help anyone who is out of job and is desperately looking for a job for survival.
I was shocked to receive the below replies from them :
1. You are not a member of the society. As such we will not broadcast your mail to our members.
2. As a policy, our society do not post any non related and non-activity driven emails in our noticeboard.
I respect their organizations' policies. In fact, they should have the right policies to ensure the smooth running of their organizations.
One thing I do not understand and or still confuse is that all the religions in the world teach us to be good, be compassionate and help those who are in need of help. I wonder should the above societies need to review their policies? Are their policies in line with their religious teaching? Are the policies of the societies just to promote members' get together gathering, hold religious seminar, listening to religious sermons, organize fund raising campaign for the societies, conduct hymn singing sessions, organize religious retreat and organize "once a year" festive trip to orphanage and old folks' home? I do not know. I am just wondering what can we realize if we were to just study hard about the Holy Scripture and we do not practise what is taught in the Holy Scripture?
I believe in this economic downturn, there will be many people who are out of job. I believe one of the areas where the religious societies can help the society is to help those people who are out of employment to get back a job. As we are aware, some of the people who were being retrenched were the sole breadwinner of the family. I do hope that the religious societies should also include community service as one of their main objectives!
Policy is " Man Made"! If the policy is no more applicable or deviated from the main Teaching, I believe that society should review the policy accordingly! Anyone disagree? Please share.


  1. In the Buddha's Eight-fold noble path, he mentioned about Right Effort.

    Right effort mean to get the job done most effectively with the correct intention and bearing the result which create the greatest public good.

    Writing to a religious organisation to recruit an accountant.. is that a right effort? Apparently, the organisation does not think so.

    The practice of compassion must always come with wisdom.

  2. Thank you very much for your valuable comments.

    My apology if my post has confused anyone!

    My main intention of writing to the societies is : " To provide help to their members who are in need of help by informing them that there is a job vacancy in my friend's company "! I was just providing a link between the person who is looking for someone for a vacancy and someone who is in need of a job. To me, if I can help someone to get back a job, why not? As I had mentioned in my mail to them, I am not a recruitment agent, I do not earn my living from it. I have no other intentions. I just want to do my part to help, the rest I leave it to the respective societies! I have no qualms about how they want to interpret or think of my intention!

    I do remember someone told me this before : We must STUDY the Scripture, PRACTISE what are taught in the Scripture, only then we can REALISE the Truth! If the religious followers were to just study and score an " A " or "Distinction" for the religious study, I do not know what realization can they achieve?!

    I do agree with you that compassion must always come with wisdom. By the way, I am not a compassionate being, I kill mosquitoes, houseflies, cockroaches, ants etc.... . I believe I have to strive on heedfully to stop all these killings before I suffer the consequences of my own deed. Hahaha......

    Once again, thanks for sharing your thoughts!