Monday, April 27, 2009

Bloggers Unite For Hunger And Hope

Most of us are lucky that we can have proper meals everyday. Have we ever think of those who are not so lucky like us?

Do we know how many people die of hunger every year? How many adults and how many children die? Well, well, my next two important questions are :
1. Do We Want To Die Of Hunger?
2. Do We Want To See Our Younger Generation To Die Of Hunger?

I believe many of us will be saying that as a layman, we can't do much. This heavy task should be the responsibility of the World Leaders! Yes. I agreed to certain extend. If we were to just leave this task to the world leaders will it be effective? If there are just one thousand world leaders, how much can the world leaders contribute? If they do not eat at all, they can only help to save five thousand meals per day ( if they take five meals a day ) I believe if all of us in the world were to play our part in helping the world leaders to fight this "Hunger" war, the end results will definitely exceed our expectations! So, let us put all our hearts and souls together to support this excellent meritorious deed! Kindly refer : Bloggers Unite-Hunger & Hope

How do we play our part? I believe one of the areas we can look at as a lay person is the way we do "Celebrations". Be it festive celebration, birthday celebration, wedding celebration, celebration for achieving academic excellence etc..... . I believe for all these functions, large amount of food and drinks will be served. I had personally seen that large amount of food were thrown away after the celebration. Well, I do not mean we cannot celebrate all this functions with food, however, if we can celebrate all these functions together with those who are struggling to find food and reduce food wastage, not only it is a noble act which can give you "un-erasable" memories of happiness for life, at the same time, you are also helping the world leaders to make the world a better place for the unlucky one. Let us just take an example : If you were to spend US$1000.00 for a party, and because of your compassionate heart, you contribute or use part of the money e.g 10% of the total budget to buy some food for the poor. Don't you agree with me that this noble act will make you much more happier? As the saying goes, " What goes around comes around!". Who knows your generosity will be rewarded later with a bigger surprise!
Last but not least, let us pull all our mental energy together and wish :

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