Friday, April 10, 2009

A "Holy War" Mindset

Whenever I heard of the word "Holy War", the below questions will immediately come to my mind:

1. What is that so "Holy" about "War"?

2. Who has created this word "Holy War"?
3. If there is anything stated in the Holy Scripture about "Holy War", did we interpret the meaning correctly?

Whenever there is a war between two countries, I believe both countries would be very suspicious over one another. Their peoples' minds will be full of desire and hatred! It is a "WIN-LOSE" situation, i.e either your country is going to win or my country is going to win! With this type of focused(?!) mindset, I believe they will surely involve their most advanced war equipments in the war. They will not have mercy but to kill just for the benefits of getting what they want! Is "KILLING" a "HOLY" act? Innocent people died, people lost their families ........and so on. Is this considered " HOLY "?

I do not believe the word "Holy War"is created by the Divine Being! I believe it comes from the mind of the Human Being! Well, any human being with a sound mind should know, if the Divine Being is promoting "Love" and " Peace " on this Earth, how could they instigate Human Beings to engage in a cruel war?!

I do believe that we, Human Beings really need to understand the real or actual meaning of the word "Holy War"( if there is any! ) as stated in the Holy Scripture.
My personal view is that holy war is a war within ourselves where we have to eliminate or neutralise all our defilements ( evil or unwholesome thought such as : killing people just to get what we want, robbing people wealth, engage in sexual misconduct, cheating people, taking drugs etc ....! ) in our mind. I consider this as holy war because it does not hurt anyone. Moreover if everyone were to do good, avoid evil and cultivate their mind , the world would be a better place to stay! As all of us are aware, we have to go through some difficult processes to strengthen our mind, however, the long lasting effect after the process is that your mind will be like an unshaken rock.

From birth till the last day of our life, we are engaged in "civil war" within ourselves all the time. Why should we create another physical War again in the world? I believe it would be better for us to spend our valuable time to do more constructive work which can help us to make the world a better place to stay!

Anyone want to share your views?


  1. Your stories are well written. I'll go through them in my spare time. Hopefully, you will help me out to find the right path. Keep it up.


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    Hopefully, we can find the real happiness in life together.


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