Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A " Loss " Mindset

I am really curious to know what would happen if Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad and Siddharta Gautama were to live in the world now? Some of the questions which always linger on my mind are :

1. What would be the critical and important sermon they would preach if they are living together in the world now?

2. What would they think about the current world situation?

3. Would they be asking their followers and disciples to respect other religions, spread " LOVE " towards other religions?

4. Will they use their great compassion to "melt" the Devil and Demon hearts?

5. Will they insist their disciples and followers to destroy or kill those who do not have the same belief?

6. What would the Divine Being do if human beings continue to be "blinded" by the evil thoughts?

7. Will there be an end to this "Good vs Evil" war?

8. By sending those who have committed misconduct to a "SUFFERING" place sufficient enough to "rehabilitate" them?

9. What would the Merciful Divine Being do to save the mankind?

10. Will the Divine Being just let the unfavorable things to happen as they consider there is no way or they should not rescue mankind?

11. Will the difference in idealogy of the religions hinder mankind to work together for a better tomorrow fo mankind?

I believe all these questions are REAL! If different religion were to try their best to fight to be on top of the others, I believe the world will be in a mess! As we are aware, some religious extremists may even institute a war which will cause the killing of many human life just to show people that their religion is more supreme than the other!

Will the Divine Being "encourage" killing of human just to show others that they are more supreme than the others? Does the Divine Being has a way to stop all these unnecessary acts? How would the Divine Being handle those who have committed the misconduct? Destroy them? How to destroy them?

Some may say we must not question the Divine Being ( I do not have the slightest intention to do so!) or we, as human will not be able to understand the holy act of the Divine Being. However, if the merciful Divine Being does not want to help mankind to stop all these unnecessary acts, can mankind stop these acts by themselves?

The above are just my silly thoughts, it should not be treated as an insult to any religion. I believe I am not the only person in this world that is having all these questions in mind.

Anyway, I strongly believe that religion does play an important role to make our world a better place to stay!

I expect to receive many comments for my above post. I am open to any constructive views. Do share your views.

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