Monday, April 6, 2009

An "Unfair" Mindset!

My neighbour's husband told her not to buy and cook brinjal now. Her husband told her brinjal is very expensive now. I was taken back by her husband's statement. As I know, this neighbour of mine is a very thrifty lady whereas her husband like to spend lots of money drinking with his friends every night. Most of the time, he will go out alone in the evening and let his wife stays at home alone. What on earth could he give his wife's this type of instruction? He can spend lots of money drinking with his friends every night ( sometime till midnight! ) and he doesn't allow his wife to buy and cook her favorite food just because the price of brinjal has increased by 3% per kilogramme. I believe he also doesn't know brinjal is a favorite food of his wife!

There are a few good questions for us to think :

1. How does this husband value his wife?
2. How many kilogramme of brinjal can his wife eat per meal? How much will it costs?
3. How many cans or bottles of beer will he drink per night? What will be the total cost of all the beers? As a matter of fact, I have seen him drinking more than a dozen cans per night!
4. Is he fair to his wife?
According to her husband, he will not be able to live in this world if he doesn't have friends! All his friends are good drinkers!
I believe there are many this type of "self-centred" persons in the world. This type of person can forgo his family and just to be with all his “drinking" friends!
There was one incident where this beloved husband of my neighbour had a bad experience when his friend "persuaded" him to work in foreign country with a sunbstantial compensation package. Without any hesitation and discussion with his wife, he went straight to that country. After he has gone there, he discovered that he would be working alone there. He was so lonely that every night he called his wife to tell her that he wants to come home! Now, he is back at home, however, he has forgotten his "suffering" and has reverted to his old habit! He is spending even more time with all his "drinking" friends than his beloved wife now!
I am wondering, if he is strucked with a critical illness one day, who will take care of him? His friends or his wife?
What type of "UNFAIR" mindset does he has? When happy hour time, he will be with all his friends and neglect his wife! When he is having problem, he will look for his beloved wife!


  1. This man is not a man at all, he is a child using and taking. He is the bully on the play ground.
    When he gets hurt he runs crying back home.

    His wife is his door mat, it's time for her to close the door on him and let his friends take care of him. Which will never happen.

    Stand up and be a strong woman he is nothing with out you.

  2. I totally agreed with your valuable comment!

    Hope he can change his mindset one day!

  3. i m personaly impressed by ur writting... really