Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What Is In The Mind Of A "Free-Thinker"?

I have been hearing people saying that they are "Free-Thinkers". I do not know what is the actual meaning of "Free-Thinkers? Free to think? Think To Be Free? Or ............ ?

What would a "Free-Thinker" think at his last thought moment? As all of us are aware, life is not certain, death is certain, I am wondering how the "Free-Thinker" (since they are not Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist or etc...) is going to leave this world? I do not mean they can't leave the world, however, I am thinking of the process of how they leave this world. For most of the religions, when a person died, they will pray to their GOD to bring the departed one to be with HIM. For other religions, they may perform the religious rite to transfer their good merits to the departed one so that he / she can be re-born in a higher ( better ) plane of existence. But for the "Free-Thinker", how?

For those with a religion, there will have some religious principles guide them in their life. However, for the "Free-Thinkers", what will be their guiding principle in life???

I have seen quite a no. of free thinkers do their prayer when they are in serious trouble. I do not know who they are praying to? Anyway, I do strongly believe that if a person has a religion, at least he has some guiding principles to refer to when he faces any critical challenges in his life. Also, his religion may also help him to "detoxify" his soul and or mind.

Agree? Disagree? Please share your valuable views. Thank you.


  1. As a Christian, I try to understand others and without my faith, I do not know how to live.

  2. Thank you very much for your valuable sharings.

    May you be well and happy always.

  3. Principles, morals and ethical codes do not belong exclusively to religion - It is quite possible (in fact necessary) to live an atheist life in accordance to principals of fairness and consideration for others - "do unto others..." is definitely a good principle to live by and just because one is not a christian does not mean it cannot be used. (Conversely, living by some christian/muslim/hindu/etc principals, does not make onea follower of these religions)
    I accordance to this principle, I do not try and convert people to my beliefs - perhaps the world would be a better place if the religions stopped trying to convert people to their way.

  4. Thank you very much for sharing your valuable views. Good insight and great sharings!

    May you be well and happy always!