Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How Should We Celebrate Mother's Day?

Many people celebrate Mother's Day. I am wondering why should we just pick one day in a year i.e less than 1% of a year to celebrate mother's day? Is this the right thing for us to do? For all those who are a mother, I believe you will have the answer of whether is this what you want from your children? I believe all the mothers will have the same answer! Please do not get me wrong that I am discouraging anyone to celebrate Mother's Day. I am just having the question of why can't we make our mother happy everyday rather than just one day in year.

As for me, although my mother is not physically with me anymore, her spirit and her guidance are with me everyday. I am confident that if I do good, avoid evils, purify my thoughts daily, my mother will be very happy. In fact, my mother did tell me before that, if all her children were to grow up with good discipline, good career and lead a happy married or non-married ( my mother is an open person and do not force all of us to get married! ) life, she will be more than happy. She can then leave the world happily without any regrets. This is the only request from her and the only thing that will make her happy!

To my beloved Mum, if your consciousness is still around with us, may I wish you well and happy always. We are very proud of you and we will continue to practise what you have guided us.

To all the readers of this post, please do spend more time with your parents. They will not be us forever. They have brought us to this beautiful world and provided us with food, shelter and proper guidance, we should be thankful to them and must try our best to make them happy everyday. I believe we should not just make them happy only on one specific day!


  1. This is a good post about Mothers day, I agree with spend more time with your parents, my Mother went to Heaven 4 years ago.

  2. Thanks for your sharing.

    Well, most of the people will not appreciate the precious moments when their parents are still around with them. They will complain that their parents like to nag at them and control them. Hahaha.......

    Anyway, may all Mothers be well and happy always!