Saturday, May 9, 2009

What Type Of Mindset Is This?

I received this photograph from a friend recently. When I read the wordings in the photo, I was confused. I really do not know who the writer was scolding at? The toddler or the pig? I believe most of the readers will be scolding me this, " Definitely the writer is scolding the pig, Stupid!".

Well, who is the one that is killing us? The pig, the toddler or the virus?

I believe this is not the time for us to scold the whoever that is spreading the flu! Honestly, if the flu is really from the pig, do you think the pig did that intentionally? As all of us are aware, human mind is more developed and intelligent than an animal mind, things that the animals can't do, we human can do. Why can't we human do something to help our fellow mankind and the animals rather than to engage on the non value added process of scolding or releasing our anger towards the innocent animals?!`

Please please, please do not waste our valuable time to engage in the non value added activities. Moreover, getting angry can't help us saves our life! It can only help us to get more sickness such as hyperstension, stroke, heart attack, diabetes etc.. .

I believe all of us must play our part to save ourselves and the world. Look at the areas which we can help prevent the flu from spreading, look at our living condition, look at our lifetyle etc.. . If we are doing that, we are not only doing good for ourselves, we are also doing a meritorious deed to help other beings and animals to live in a hygienic environment!