Sunday, May 17, 2009

A " Selfish " Mindset

This morning I saw a car parking in the middle of the road. When I take a look at the windscreen of the car ( I thought the driver has been given a special pass by the Traffic Police or the Road Transport Department to park the car in the middle of the road ), I didn't see any special permit on the windscreen. What I can see is just the car's road tax certificate and some religious stickers on the windscreen. From what I understand, although we had already paid the road tax, we are still not allowed to violate the traffic rules or park our car in the middle of the road. I do not know how the driver passed his driving test. Another question in my mind is : If the government did not give the driver the permission, with the religious stickers paste on the windscreen, does it mean the Divine Being allow the driver to violate the traffic rules or park his car in the middle of the road?!

I came across many road accidents where I saw religious stickers or statues of the drivers' religious teachers on the windscreen of their cars. I believe these drivers may think that the Divine Being is with them all the times and why worry? I believe this is not a good thought! What assurance can we get from the Divine Being that he will take care of our safety if we don't obey the traffic rules?

I believe many of us will have heard of this saying before, " GOD helps those who help themselves ". If you do not help yourself, do you expect GOD to help you? For the Atheists, I believe their belief is that they are the one who should responsible for what they have done! No matter what we believe or what we say, we need to play our part to protect our own safety rather than to leave the responsibility to the Divine Being! Just take an example, what guarantee can we get from the Divine Being that he will take care of our house if go for a long holiday and have forgotten to lock our house before we leave for the holiday?

If we are planning to go to a place where it is difficult to find a car park, we should start our journey earlier. We should not take the risks of endangering our life or others' life by parking our car in the middle of the road. To all the drivers, please be considerate, understanding and be safety conscious. No one can stop you from taking your own life away, however, please be kind enough as not to endanger the valuable life of others!


  1. As society becomes more progressive and materialistic it looses it's core identity, social values, morals and compassion for others. We become selfish with the only goal of achieving our own success for material wealth without care of others or how we go about getting it.

    I find what you wrote interesting and commend you for your efforts. God Bless!

  2. Thank you very much for your valuable sharings.