Monday, May 11, 2009

The "100 Days Of Action" Mindset

The first 100 days in office seems to be an important day for us to measure the performance of a Statesman or a Leader!

How should we measure the performance of a Statesman within a period of 100 days? What are the key perfomance indicators (KPIs') we are going to set to measure the performance of the Statesman? How and who should set the KPIs' together with the Statesman? Are the KPIs' accepted by the people and the Opposition party? Who should review the performance of the Statesman?
In my opinion, the critical challenges the Statesman will have to face are :

1. how to lead and manage the country so that the people can live in peace, harmony and with a healthy and wealthy life.

2. how to convince the Opposition party to adopt his "FORWARD" plan

3. how to clear the "backlogged challenges" of his predecessor

4. how to enhance the cultural aspects of the country

From what I understand, some large business organizations take about a month or two to prepare and finalise their business plan and budget (BPB). If a large organization needs to take one or two months to prepare and finalize the BPB, how much time will the statesman take to prepare, finalise and obtain approval for his "Forward" plan for his country? Moreover, I believe he also has to tackle the immediate challenges and issues as leave behind by his predecessor. If the statesman takes about a month(?!) to prepare his "Forward" plan, what should be the appropriate timeline for him to execute his plan to get the results? I do not believe he can get the results just immediately after he has implemented his plan! There will definitely be some hiccups along the way. The next important thing for the Statesman is making decision! The decision making process in a business organization is much simpler as compare to making a decision for a country's future.

I have heard of so many people criticizing the statesman actions. I am wondering, if we were to elect them as the statesman for their country, can they do a better job?
I believe we have to be sensible and logical towards this matter. If we are not in the Statesman's position, we do not know the full story of :
1. what had happened?
2. what had been done?
3. what results had been achieved?
4. what should be done next?
I believe it is easy to say than done. If we do not know all the details, it is unfair for us to start our criticizing and or insulting process!
I understand that Time is the essence for the statesman, however, I believe we must also be fair to provide a reasonable timeline for the statesman to perform!
The above is just my shallow view. Please share your valuable views. Thanking you in advance.

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