Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A " Blaming " Mindset

When I was trimming my bouganvilla tree (it was just a small pot of plant and now it has become a small tree now!) yesterday evening, my neighbour came over to chit chat with me. She told me that it is not good to plant any plants with sharp thorns in the house compound. According to her, the sharp thorns of the plants will "hurt" the health of the people in the house and luck will not enter our house! I was stunned and at the same time amazed with what she said.

This is one of the typical problems of mankind! Whenever they are facing any problem, the very first thing they do is to find a scapegoat, i.e who to blame for?! We, human being is the one who has created umpteem problem for ourselves, however, we never realise that we are the culprit. Instead we put the blame on the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Divine Being, the Animals, the Plants, the Mountain, the Sky, the Sea, the Wind, the Rain etc............ for whatever problem we have created! Just look at these few examples : For Swine Flu, they blame the Pig, for Mad Cow Disease, they blame the Cow, for Bird Flu, they blame the Chicken, for Dengue Fever, they blame the Mosquito, for Rabies, they blame the Dog, for Plague, they blame the Rats, etc.......... . However, human being will never blame themselves for not keeping their environment and surrounding clean.

Well, for this good neighbor of mine, she is a big "investor ( according to her, she is investing(?!) in the lucky number she bet!)" in the gaming industry. She can spend a large amount of money just to bet on one lucky number! However, she is very stingy in terms of donation to the charitable organizations. She is a superstitious woman. Whenever she did not strike any lottery, she will start to look at the arrangement of her plants in her garden and the arrangement of the furnitures inside her house. She and her husband even go to the extend of asking her dogs to pick lucky numbers for them. She and her husband also travelled extensively around the Region to seek blessings from whoever that can give her the "lucky" number! She can spend thousand of dollars to buy a small piece of stone just because someone told her the stone can bring her good luck. She is a strong believer in LUCK! What a pity to this innocent lady!

I am not underestimating the power of cosmic energy and meta physics. I do believe in them to certain extend. However, I have a much stronger believe in the Laws Of Action (Cause) and Reaction (Effect). Personally, I had spoken to some Feng Shui Masters before, according to them, they can help you to arrange your house, your office table and chair, your safe deposit box etc to face a good feng shui direction, however, if you do not have accumulated good merits you will not be able to receive all its benefits. I do not know how far it is true!

My personal opinion is that we should focus more on accumulating good merits rather than to seek blessings from someone and or objects like a tree, a piece of stone .... . I believe all of us is aware of this saying, what goes around comes around. When you do good, good thing will follow you wherever you go!

Do you agree with me?

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