Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Life Is Valuable! Don't Waste It!

Tan Geek Koon is fitted with a “mechanical heart” and she has to lug around a 9kg portable battery if she wants to move about. However, this won’t weigh down on the 41-year-old former air stewardess who left the hospital on Friday to be with her children this Mother’s Day. Full stories, refer The Star.
I really do not understand why she has to suffer this type of condition? Fariness on earth??? Where??? Anyway, the most important thing now is to wish Mdm Tan will receive a healthy heart soon. May the highest blessings to be with you always, Mdm Tan Geek Koon.

Honestly, I am extremely sad whenever I come across any suicidal case or people with healthy heart committing crime!!! Life is uncertain, death is certain. Why should they waste their life? Mdm Tan hope to lead a normal life and take care of her children, however, she is deprived of the ability. I just hope whoever wants to commit suicide or commit any serious crime, please read the story of Mdm Tan. I just hope Mdm Tan's story will make them realize that their life is valuable and do not waste it! If after they have read the story of Mdm Tan and still insist to commit the crime, please sign a pledge to pledge their organs accordingly to those who is in need of them. With that pledge, at least he or she is doing a meritorious deed at his or her last moment as human beings!
Lastly, may all the god and goddesses grant Mdm Tan their highest blessings so that she is able to receive a healthy heart soon! For those who believe in sharing merits, please share your good merits with Mdm Tan, may Mdm Tan receive a healthy heart soon.

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