Thursday, May 28, 2009

Be "MIND-FULL" Mindset

" Didn't you know you are driving? Why can't you park your car at a safe place before you pick up your call? ". These are the exact words use by my friend to scold his son when he met with an accident recently.

Many of us do not know what we are doing most of the time. Most of the time, our thoughts, our feeling, our emotion and or our perception are managing us! A simple real life example are : How many of us are aware that we are in the "angry" mode when someone aggitated us? How many of us are aware that our legs are moving forward when we are walking? How many of us are aware that our hand is putting the food into our mouth during meal time? etc...... . Well, I don't mean to say that we are not aware of what we are doing all the time, what I am trying to say is "MOST OF THE TIME"!

When a businessman is in the market, how many of them are aware that they are engaging the techniques use in the "killing field" to fight for survival and the market share? I believe in the mind of all these businessman, "kill the competitors" is their main objective! How many politicians are aware that they must still in the business of helping the people to live a better and more meaningful life after they have won in the election?

Our mind is just like a monkey, it jumps from one thought to another within a split of a second! Just take the example of my friend's son, he may want to focus on driving safely on the road, however, when his handphone rang, he got excited and or panic that it might be an urgent call from his superior or an important customer, immediately the word safety disappeared from his mind and he picked up the call! Same goes to some "corrupted" politicians, their initial intentions when standing for Election was to help the people, however, when there are too many "attractive offers" seducing(?!) them and if they are not mindful, they will be deviated from their initial intentions and be dragged into a "suffering" state.

Be mindful of what we are doing or we intend to do! If we are mindful, our mind will be very focus! If our mind is focus, it would be like a sharp laser beam , we can then achieve our goals without much problems! Just take a simple example, if a heavy smoker intends to quit smoking, I believe he can't just quit it immediately. I have seen many heavy smokers failed in their attempt to quit his smoking habits with this type of "Quit On The Spot" method! I believe the best method for the heavy smokers who intend to quit the habit is to learn the process of how to watch their thoughts! If they are aware of the thought of "Go For It" is coming their way, I believe they will have more than a way to stop it from happening! It is just like if we are aware that a thief is loitering around our house, don't you agree with me that you will definitely lock your doors and windows proper to ensure that the thief can't enter your house!

I believe if all of us were to watch our thoughts and mindful in whatever we are doing, the world would be a better place for us to stay!

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