Thursday, May 14, 2009

When Should We Develop "Teambuilding" Mindset?

Teambuilding program seems to be a training program which can not be neglected nowaday. It could be due to the economics downtown that many organizations are engaging in the process of downsizing. With the downsizing exercise, the headcount in the organiztion will thus be reduced accordingly. Now, with less employees, the remaining "survivors" in the organization have to do more work and they must seriously work as a "TEAM" in order to accomplish their tasks on time.

Can team become effective just by undergoing a few days of training? Can human mind really work together for long? What are things that can make people work together for long? Maybe the teambuilding experts have the answer.

I have seen many organizations keep highlighting to the employees that they must work together to achieve their organization objectives. Some organizations even hang posters with the motto of " ONE TEAM, ONE VISION, ONE FUTURE " everywhere within their organization's premises. However, the efforts is only for the purpose of launching the management progam. After the launching, the motto will be completely forgotten. I am not saying that teambuilding program is totally ineffective. However, they are many factors to consider before one could develop a more effective teambuilding program.

As the saying goes, " Charity begins at home", I have the same belief that the development of teambuilding mindset should always begins at home. Parents should promote "teambuilding" among all their children when they are young. Parents should emphasize to the children that if they work together, they can achieve more. Parents should not promote or encourage "individualism" within the family. If we were to inculcate the concept of teambuilding in the young children minds, I believe the results would be more effective when these young ones becomes adults and join the society.

Agree? Disagree? Please share your views? Thank you in advance.


  1. yes it is very much needed to develop a team building concept starting from house to an organization to a country...good work

  2. Thank you very much for your valuable sharings and comments.

  3. I so totally agree with you on this. Team building is so much more than a motto or statement of catch phrases that seems inclusive of all of the members or levels of staff. Even if the mottos are repeated often enough, if the actions and the climate and culture of the office or organization isn't changed to supported and reflect the 'montra' then as you've said, it's just words and compliance. It's a pity that this happens so often. I guess leadership is more than a 10 letter word especially when we are talking teamwork or team building. And yeah this applies at home and in families as well. It takes work, commitment, trust and care.
    Very good item. Thanks

  4. Thank you for your valuable comments. I fully agreed with your view.