Friday, May 15, 2009

Leaders Must Have "Stay Focus" Mindset!

" I am for the people! "
This statement is a heart touching statement! It would be good if the statement is really sincerely comes from the heart of the elected leaders. However, it is so unfortunate to see that the there are also many leaders whom are fighting for themselves or their party instead of the people who elected them.

They have forgotten that they are elected by the people. However, they are not for the people. Before they are elected, they are propagating the virtue of " By the people, for the people". Once they are elected, they are for themselves and or for their party and no more for the people!

They are aware what are the challenges the people are facing? However, they are so power craze that everyday they are fighting for power! They do not care what their people are facing, it is like non of their business! People under their constituent are facing umpteen problem everyday, they do not have time to help the people to solve their problem. They only have time to fight for themselves and their party.

They are busy, busy and busy everyday. However, their " busy-ness " are not for their people.

I appeal to all the leaders to reflect on what they are doing. Just reflect on the below :

1. Am I doing what the people is expecting me to do?

2. Have I deviated from the main objectives?

3. Am I giving excuses for myself to deviate from my main objectives?

Do not let the " confused or uncleared" mindset to destroy our way of thinking or made ourselves lost our direction.

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