Thursday, May 7, 2009

The "Cure First Prevent Later" Mindset

Where does the " Swine Flu "come from? The Pig? The Human?????? I believe this is an interesting question most of us would like to know the answer!

It is very common to see that whenever there is a flu outbreak, the first thing human being will do is to find a scapegoat. The most common scapegoats are the pig, the cow, the chicken , the rat, the cockroaches, the bacteria, the virus etc etc... . However, have we ever look at ourselves? What have we done to prevent the epidermic from happening? I believe some of us will say we can't do anything to stop all these happening. If we human being can't stop it from happening, can the pig, the cow and the rest of the insects or animals stop all these unwanted happenings? I believe human being will have the answer!

If our house are infected with cockroaches, termites, rats, snakes etc, is it the fault of the insects or the animals? Can the insects or small animals realize that what they have done were wrong? Can we take the preventive actions by keeping our house clean and hygienic so that all these insects or small animals do not have a slightest chance to "attack" our house?!

I came across a situation where hundreds of pigs were being culled during the outbreak of "pig flu" in our country many years back! I pity the pigs. I believe the pigs are also the victim in this circumstances. Firstly, the pigs were also a victim of the flu, secondly, they are being accused of spreading the flu to human being. I really hope to know who spreads the flu to the pigs?

I believe all of us are aware that "Prevention is better than Cure". However, what have we done? Have we taken any steps or preventive actions to keep clean and promote hygiene of our environment? What I can see is that most of us are sticking to the view that we can't do anything until and unless the problem arises.

It is really disheartening to see that mankind are busy developing medicine to delay human ageing, medicine to enhance male sexual performance, medicine to enhance beauty and sexiness of the ladies etc... but are unable to establish preventive actions to stop the unwanted happenings! Instead of focusing our attention on things that are just satisfying our sexual and sensual pleasure, I belive we should focus our attention on more meaningful things that can enhance the health and safety aspects of mankind.
Any sharing from anyone?

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