Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Do Your Part To Help The "Sick" World To Recover

Nowaday, we can read from the magazines and newspaper that the World is seriously "ILL"!

The world is currently infected by the "sick" worm, bacteria and viruses! I believe all of us are aware that there are many types of viruses and worms that are attacking the computer industry nowaday.
As for people, some of them are infected by the more sophiscated "worms (greed)" and "viruses (hatred)". The attack and over-powered by the "worm (greed)" and " viruses (hatred)" has caused many people to make un-sound decision and behave in-humanely. This type of behavior has created a mockery in this peaceful world.
A good question for all of us to ponder: Should we wait till we are on the death bed then only we realize that we have not done a single good thing to help save the world?
I strongly believe that all of us must understand that if we want the world to recover, all of us have to do our part! We can't just leave it to the Leaders ONLY!

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