Tuesday, March 24, 2009

To "Let Go" Or Not To "Let Go"?!

In life, we are bound to come across many crossroads!

During our college day, we have to choose what course to pursue? After graduation, we have to decide what type of job we will like to apply for? After securing an employment, what type of person should we look for as our life partner? etc etc ............................ .

One of the recent incident was that a friend of mine was contemplating whether to quit his current employment or not to do so?! I asked him what is the " challenges " he faced at his workplace till he has come to this crossroad?!

He told me since the day his company was taken over by a new company, his new superior is "pressurizing" him everyday. He feels that his new superior doesn't have good chemistry with him and is finding ways to make him quit! He also feels that he is one of the "second class citizen" in the new company!

I told him there are two ways to resolve his problem:

1). If he can't let go the unhealthy thought of his new superior is finding ways to make him quit, it is high time for him to leave the new company. It doesn't make sense for him to drag himself to work everyday! Also, if he were to drag himself to work, I don't think he can perform his duty well! Why should he live with this type of suffering?! He should control his own destiny!

2). If he can let go the unhealthy thought and have the confident and substance to prove his worth to the new company, there is no way his new superior can do anything towards him. He should continue to stay on with the new company!

We must learn to let go all our wrong views and wrong doing! If we do not let go, the consequences could be detrimental to our body and mind!

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