Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Be Postive To Face The Economic Downturn!!!

The recent world economic downturn has created fear for everyone! The question now is : What should we do to help revive the economy?

1) Should we continue to sit and focus on the negative aspects like what most of the media are doing i.e publishing scary and worrisome news to tell the whole world about which conglomerate is going down, which company is going to downsize their workforce, which company is going to reduce workdays drastically)? or

2) Should we focus on the positive approach i.e on the process of "what should and how to" revive the economy? Some of us may think that what can we do as a layman! Well, I believe if we are confined to this sort of mindset, there is no way the economy is going to recover! The recovery of the world economy begins with me! If everyone in this world were to start to put in a little bit extra effort to help revive the economy, the resultant forces will definitely be very impactful.

Do not just leave it to the world leaders to handle or shoulder the economy downturn. Let's work hand-in-hand together with the leaders to resolve this unfavorable conditions.

I believe by continuously highlighting to people on how bad the current economy scenario is does not help to resolve the problem. What we need to do is to convert the current problem into a "process ( the "how the situation arises" )" so that we can identify the "stumbling blocks" or "bottleneck" which cause the problem and find an appropriate solution to resolve it!

Do not take problem as a problem, if you do so, it will demotivate or deter you from moving forward! We should treat problem as a "CHALLENGE", then we will have the motivation to find out the root cause and the appropriate processes to resolve it.

In the course of my duty, I have encountered many managers who have this mindset of saying "CANNOT " before they try! Maybe they do not know the process of how to do it or they are living in the state of fear! They fear that if they fail again, they will be penalised! My previous many encounters reveal to me that we can break our own mindset if we have the right approach! I have personally guided many managers to break the negative mindset and seen their progress. I am extremely happy for them! It is not the fees that they paid to me which makes me happy, it is their success of breaking their mindset that really make me happy!

"Rising, Falling, Rising, Falling...........". The world is in a state of constant change or impermanence, why should we stick to our view or behavior permanently.

I sincerely hope that the media can shift the focus on highlighting the negativive aspect to a more positive one. Examples : providing ideas to corportions on how to create more customers, how we can improve our own productivity etc..... .

One more most important thing the media should do is to guide people on how to reveal their talent and creativity! I believe all of us are aware that the Jewish are good businessman! Some may say that they are the one who have conquered the business world and are in full control of the world economy! I don't have any way to verify the statement. However, why people are having that sort of impression?????? I believe it is their creativity in doing business that make them excel in the business world.

Any comments?

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