Sunday, March 15, 2009

An " Entangled " Mind

I do not know why human being like to create problem to entangle themselves! The so called "modern society" created(?!) by mankind are killing themselves. In terms of health aspect, more and more sickness are being identified. In terms of environmental aspect, instead of preserving the nature, we are destroying the nature.

What has gone wrong with the human mind? Why can't they think of things that are more constructive to mankind and the environment?

Some of the examples of mankind trying to "hurt or destroy" themsleves are :

1). Instead of putting more focus on educating the younger generation on how to creating a better world, some of the leaders are guiding or encouraging their people to focus on "hatred" and creating wars!

2). Mankind are spending too much of their valuable time and money to develop "new or modern" medicines which try to "challenge" the Law Of Nature! Sometime, the side effects of the new medicines will not show sign immediately. Incidences like this had happened before and the only thing the manufacturer can do is just to recall all those unsold stock! What happen to those who had consumed the medicines then?

I am extremely sad to see that mankind is doing thing like " a dog chasing its tail "! We make ourselves busy going round and round with this non-value added activities!

We must stop all these non value added activities immediately!

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