Thursday, March 12, 2009

A "Complain" Mindset

I was wondering whether the purpose of some of the people born in this world is just to complain! I was really amused when I was having my breakfast in a restaurant near my house this morning. I was there for about 20 minutes. Over the 20 minutes, I heard people complaining about the Government, their employers, their employees, their spouse, their parent-in-laws, their "children"-in-laws, their maids etc....... .

This leads me to think about : why are they living in such a miserable life! So.... unhappy and got so..... much to complain! I believe whenever there is something for us to complain, there must be something that really irritate or upset us!

I believe this group of people should find an answer for the below questions:

1. What are the things that really irritate and upset them?

2. Why should they continue to stick on to this type of "Complain" mindset and lead a miserable life?

3. Why can't they reflect what had gone wrong and what should be done to remedy and ensure the same problem will not reccur.

Nobody can take away our right to lead a happy life unless we surrender our right! We must not let others to control or manage our happiness!


  1. Yeah, everyone around us just seems to complain everyday and some even every hour..
    today my colleague complain the workload for 2 hours which she just repeated last week.. OMG !!!

  2. Thanks for your sharing. My view is that if the complainant feels happy with it, we must also feel happy for them. Sometime, we may feel irritated and bored to listen to all the complaints, however, if we were to view this from a different point of view, we must feel happy because we are doing a good deed to provide our ears to let our colleague to voice out their grievances. Hahaha...... Be happy!

    Complaining workload for 2 hours?! Still in employment still have so much to complain? Nowaday, there are so many people who are out of job, your colleague must really change his or her mindset. Instead of complaining workload, he or she should find time to prioritise his or her work.

    May your colleague be well and happy all the time.