Monday, March 30, 2009

Is this The Right Mindset?

I saw this interesting phrase in one of the advertisement recently. I was wondering what does that mean?

1. Do they mean ladies who are without perfect and full assets will not look sexy and feel confident? Or

2. Do they mean ladies will only look sexy and feel confident with perfect and full asset?

3. What do they mean by perfect and full assets?

What is the linkage between "sexy" and "confident"? I think ( my thinking only! I may be wrong! Please correct me if I am wrong!) this phrase has created a wrong view for the ladies? I am aware that some ladies risk their life and pay a hefty sum of money to go for "modification" of their assets! Some of them have to face the consequences of landed up in the hospital because of complications. I salute their "Courage" to go for the "modification" process but I do not appreciate their act!

Just a piece of sharing, I have seen ladies without perfect and full asset but they are the CEO of some big corporations! For this type of cases, how do we measure the "confidence" of the lady CEOs'? I have also seen ladies without perfect and full asset but they are sexy models. What does that mean?

Ladies, let's be back to the basic! What is the actual function of your assets? Is it for beautification, exhibition or some other more meaningful and wholesome purpose! Why should the ladies go for "modification" to convert their "Natural" asset to a "Semi-Natural (artificial)" asset? Unless it is for medical or " life and death " reason or else do you think it is worth for the ladies to spend their money to convert their "Natural" asset to a "Semi-Natural" asset?

Generally, I do not agree that " Sexy " , " Confident " and " Perfect and Full Asset "are linked in any way!

What are your views?


  1. How vain one can be most of the time...DONT LET THAT DRAIN OFF YOUR SPIRIT LADIES (if you feel you are any lesser)

  2. Your valuable comments will have my full support all the way!