Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Typical Mindset Story

An interesting true story to share:

A few days ago, Jack, one of my friends was stopped by a policeman when he was driving his bright red Volkswagen for supper. When he has stopped his car, the first question posted to him by the policeman was : what is at the back of your car? Without any delay, Jack told the policeman that it was an Engine. Unhappy with his reply, the policeman asked him the same question again. He replied him with the same answer. This time, the policeman was annoyed and scolded him for making a fool out of him. With anger filled up his mind, the policeman ordered Jack to open the back compartment of his car. After Jack had opened the back compartment and upon seeing what is inside the compartment, the policeman feel so.............................embarrassed.

The moral of the story is : Do not set our mind or assume that things are always like what we think! Wrong mindset kills!

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