Friday, March 13, 2009

A " None Of My Business " Mindset

I am utterly sad whenever I heard of any parent saying that as long as they have provided proper shelter and financial support to their children, they have done their part as a good parent! I believe apart from providng them with the financial support and shelter, what they should provide for the children are the guidance to them on how to evaluate what is right, what is wrong and most importantly show them their concern and love!

As we are aware, many of the "social illness" in our current society are due to parents with this type of " I provide the financial support and shelter, the rest none of my business" mindset. They just couldn't care about what their children are doing. They are more concerned about money, money and more money! They believe that money can buy everything in this world.

I do not disagree that money is important to us. However, I disagree that our other responsibility as a parent should be overtaken by "money-chasing" activity.

I remember some parents told me this before: " Yes. Financially we are sound now. However, I have neglected my family. I did not do my part to help build family value and family bonding among my children. They do not behave like a family members. Their friends are more closer to them than the family members! "

Do we want to face the same situation?

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