Sunday, October 4, 2009

The " Sexy Is Pretty " Mindset

Two days ago, one of my colleagues told the senior colleague to wear a more sexy dress to her wedding dinner. She told the elderly colleague that she will look more pretty if she wear more sexily! I really do not know how the young lady define pretty and sexy? Pretty is Sexy? Sexy is Pretty?

Nowaday, we can see many advertisements in the media which encourage ladies to "modify" their body or skin so that they can look more pretty! I remembered what my mother told me before. She said we must maintain natural beauty all the time rather than to focus on artificial beauty. If we maintain natural beauty, we do not need to worry about side effect later. If it is a "modify" beauty, we will be living in the shadow of fear. We do not know the side effect of the "materials" used for modification purpose! Most of the "materials " used for the modification purpose will not show their side effect immediately. The side effect will only surface after a period of time! I have come across a lady who went for bust enhancement program and later diagnosed with breast cancer. I do not know whether it is a coincidence or a side effect.

Recently, I came across another real life interesting story of a middle-aged lady who went to seek consultation from a so-called face reading expert. She requested the expert to anlayse her future based on her face. After analysing her face, the first question the expert asked her was : "Did you "modify" your nose, your eyelid and remove any moles on your face before?". The lady said yes. According to the young lady, she had done some minor surgery to make her nose higher and to have double eyelid. She has also removed two moles on her face. According to the expert, the accuracy of analysing her future based on her "modified" face will be affected. He told her that if she has a flat nose, her life will be more easier. He also told her that the two moles which she had removed are the "lucky moles"!

I believe we should feel proud of what we have. We are unique in our own way! Why should we modify our body or wear sexily to project that we are pretty? If your spouse hold on to the view that sexy is pretty, you have to find a way to ask your spouse this question : Would you still love me if my face is full of wrinkles and all my muscles are sagging? Hahaha..... .

Do we mean an old lady with all the muscles sagging and can't wear sexy dress is not pretty? I do not think so. Just to share with all my blogger friends, my mother who was at her death bed at the age of 94 years was very pretty! Although she can't wear sexily on her death bed, the love she showered on us made her pretty forever and ever!

Any disagreement? Please share your view.

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