Friday, October 30, 2009

Who Makes Our Life Miserable?

My friend told me that he advised his son not to come back to our country after he has graduated from his study in foreign country. I asked him why and he told me all the negative apects of our country. What a pessimistic person my friend is! I strongly believe we should not look at thing in only one aspect! We should look at thing in totality!

Based on what he told me, my opinion is that he has forgotten that he was born in this country, he had his education in this country, he was married in this country, all his children were born in this country, he earns his living in this country to support his family and ............. no matter what negative views he has on this country, he still live comfortably in this country and support all his children to study in foreign country! If our country is so bad like what he said, I believe he won't be able to survive in this country! Based on what I know from him, he has 3 landed properties in the niche housing estate rented out to expatriates. I really do not know why he is still having such a negative view towards the country! In my opinion, if he were to open up his mindset and look at thing in totality, maybe he will change his view.

I believe my friend is not the odd one. Many people are also having this type of mindset. People tends to be so "forgetful" that they are now enjoying a good living! They just like to pick up one or two issues which are not to their benefits and harp on it!

I remember of a story which I read a few weeks ago, the story goes like this : There is a man who met a President of a well developed country and asked him what he wanted to do with his neighboring small country. The President told him that he is going to have war with the country, kill all the citizen who go against him and also a bicycle repairman so that his country can take over the small country. The man immediately asked the President why he needs to kill the bicycle repairman??????????

The moral of the story is that : mankind tends to look at extreme or some small mistake made by others and focus or harp on it. Just imagine why can't the man asked the President why he intends to kill so many people instead of just concern about the bicycle repairman?!

For those who possess the mindset of looking at thing in one aspects, I believe it is high time for them to learn to look at thing in totality so that their mind will not be clouded and become pessimistic! Life is uncertain, death is certain! Why waste our precious time just to focus on negative thing and make our life miserable!

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