Thursday, November 19, 2009

What A Belief?

Some people believe that when everything goes wrong with them or not on their side, they are having bad luck. They need to go to the religious places to do prayer to ward off their bad luck! I really do not know how far it is true! What I believe is that after they have performed their prayer, irrespective of whether the Divine Being is helping them or not, psychologically they will have more confidence in whatever they do!

Some people maybe saying that prayer does not help one to solve their problem or ward off their bad luck. Well, I believe when a person is having problem, his mind will not be stable and his confidence level will be low! This is the time when they will seek or look for spiritual support. Let us look at this example, when the economical situation is getting worse, we can see more people going to the religious places to seek blessings from the Divine Being! Another good example is : we can see more people seeking consultation from the astrologers or palmists to boost up their confidence.

As the saying goes, " Mind is the forerunner of all conditioned things! ". If your mind tell you you can do it, I believe you will definitely find a way to do it! ". If you believe after you have done your prayer and the Divine Being is with you or giving you His full support, this will immediately boost up your confidence! With your full confidence, whatever challenges you are going to face, you will be able to overcome it.

Any disagreement? Please share your view.

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