Thursday, November 26, 2009

The " Non Forgiveness " Mindset

Is forgiveness such a difficult task for us?

Many people believe that forgiveness is such an easy thing! When someone approaches us to say that so and so had offended him or her, most of the time we will tell them to forgive the offender. However, when someone has offended us, we will get stuck and at time our mind just refused to let go and tell us not to forgive the offender.

As at todate, I still have not come across any religion who teaches us not to forgive those who have offended us! Almost all religions in the world teach us to forgive and forget those who has offended us, however how many people really follow the teaching? Sometime I feel amuzed to know that even the Divine Being does not forgive those who sin against Him and "send" those who sin against him to etrenal Hell! If I have misunderstood the message of the Divine Being, I hope some kind hearted people could enlighten me!

I believe the practise of forgiveness doesn't apply only to just all the lay people! It also applies to country to country! If forgiveness cannot be practised in this world, can we live in a peaceful world?

A few good questions for us to ponder before I end this post:

1. What is pulling us from forgiving those who has offended us? Our Ego? Our Pride? or ....... ? ".
2. Will our " Non Forgiveness " mindset be the root cause of our future problem?
3. Can " Non Forgiveness " mindset helps us to resolve our problem?
4. Will " Non Forgiveness " leads to more problems?
5. Can we be more happy if we were to let go the " Non Forgiveness " mindset?

Please share your thoughts!


  1. Forgiveness is for everyone - including countries (people). My grandmother had a way of saying "I'll forgive but I will never forget." Its not only about religion or religious beliefs but human nature to know and to understand that carma will rebound. Unfortunately unforgiveness will be the catalyst, for some people, for vengance and reason to meter out the same 'justice' on one who offended.
    I think happiness is a state of mind and being and with out a clean and open mind, happiness will find it hard to surface.

  2. Thank you very much for your great sharing. I do agree with you that forgiveness is for everyone including countries!

    I really like your statement, " Happiness is a state of mind and being and without a clean and open mind, happiness will find it hard to surface ". It is so true!

    Thanks & best regards