Sunday, October 4, 2009

The " Right Or Wrong Path " ?

"It doesn't matter how you earn your money. As long as you are rich, no one will question you!". This is the exact words one of my friends told his son. I do not know will this words imprint in his son's mind. I am really worried that his son may misinterpret what my friend has told him.

I can still rememeber a goldsmith shop in the biggest shopping complex in our country many many years ago. The owner of the goldsmith shop was living in a luxurious house and was driving a luxurious car. He sold his gold products at a cheaper price than all his competitors. All the customers were crazy over his products because of the cheaper rate. His business was overwhelming and the shop was packed with customers everyday. One day, the owner was caught, he was identified by the Police as the mastermind for all the robbery of the goldsmith shops in the country. People admire him because of his richness! Yes, it's true that no one questions him where he got the gold and the money. When he was caught by the Police, no one pities him. All his customers also start to worry whether will they also be in trouble because of purchasing the "stolen products" from him.

Based on the above real life story, I believe we really have to guide our younger generations on what is the "Right Thning Right". If we were to tell our younger generations the above words, we have to make sure that we say it clearly so that they won't misinterpret our words. No ambiguous words should be used to guide our younger generations.

We have to make sure we don't mislead or misguide our younger generations, or else the world will be in great trouble.

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