Friday, November 19, 2010

An Interesting " Tuition " Mindset!

Just saw an interesting banner on the roadside advertises that a private tutition centre has produced many many many full " A " ( Distinction ) students. Based on what I understanding, many of the "full distinction" student just took up one or two subjects in the private tuition centre, however, the tuition centre is highlighting to the public with this great academic performance banner.

I do not know why are there so many private tuition centres have been set up in the country nowaday? Some of the interesting questions which appeared in my mind when I saw the advertisement were : What is the main cause of this sudden bloom of the "tuition" industry? Are there any problem with our education system? Are the teachers incompetent to teach the students? I am wondering why some of the tuition teachers who are from the public school can produce great "A" students in the tuition centre whereas they can't do it in the public school? etc........ . Is the blooming business of the private tuition centres an indication that the current education system and or the competency of the teachers need to be reviewed and improved accordingly? I really do not know! Maybe a survey from the parents should be carried out to assess the situation.
Anyway, I believe education begins at home. Parents should not just delegate this responsibility to the private tuition centres. They have to supervise, guide and ensure that their children do their homework. As the saying goes, " Charity begins at home ", I believe it is also appropriate to say that " Education begins at home! ". Anyone wants to share your comments?

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