Sunday, November 21, 2010

The " Surrender " Mindset

A friend of mine just told me that he has surrender himself to his party and the leadership of his party. He will let his party to decide his future! What a great sacrifice by surrendering himself to his party and the leadership? Well, I am a bit puzzled over the word " SURRENDER "! I really do not understand what did he mean by surrender himself to the party and the leadership? ???????????

During my course of work, I did come across a no. of people who like to "surrender" themselves to their employer! They will just do whatever their boss tell them to do. Although they are aware that what they do will not give them the desired results or is not right, they will still blindly carry out the task which their boss told them to do. I really do not know why they need to do so?! To me personally, we are selling our services to our employer, if they do not appreciate it, why should we sell our service to them? It would be better for us to sell our service to someone who really know how to appreciate it. In this manner, both your employer and you would be happy.
Based on my shallow understanding, we can surrender our material things or even our physical body to anyone. However, should we also surrender our wisdom to others? Maybe different people may have different views! I hope my beloved readers will share your viewa with me.

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