Saturday, September 8, 2012

The " Let Go " Mindset

"Let go"

You should not worry too much, you should learn to let go!
The past is gone, the future is yet to come, live now!
Don't worry be happy!

The above statements are the normal advice we would give to other who approaches us with a problem. I believe it is easy for us to advise anyone who approches us with a problem to let go. However, how many people can really understand the real meaning of "let go" and the worst part is that how many people really know the process on how to let go! Is committing suicide when we are facing problem a way of letting go? Can we consider hiding ourselves somewhere when we are facing problem a way of letting go?  

One of my friends who is suffering from Depression came to our house. He told me that the psychologist he is seeking treatment for told him that he must learn to let go whatever problem he is facing now. I believe giving advice to others is easy. However, when we are facing the same situation, can we really let go? I believe we will be caught in a situation of do not know what to do, confused, fear, lost .........etc.

An interesting question we should always reflect on : " How many problem or problems can we or should we hold on in our mind? ". I believe no one can really give us an accurate answer!  

Well, if a problem really cannot be resolved after we have put in much effort or already exhausted all avenues, what should you do next? Can committing suicide solve our problem? Sometime, I do wonder are we born in this world just to face and accumulate problems? What is the puropose of us born in this world? Is the function of our mind is just to be a "warehouse" to store problems? I believe it is not so.

Based on my observation, people who can solve their problem are those who find ways to shift their negative (reactive) thought to positive (proactive) thought. Instead of feeling sad, the person will focus on how happy he will be if he resolves his problem. By doing so, he charge himself with more positive energy and his "unhappy or sad" mind will become happy. With this sense of happiness in mind, his mind will start to anlayse what are the causes to his problem? With the analysis and right understanding, he can then see thing clearly and sensibly. Also, with the right understanding of the causes of his problem, he is then able to let go (discard or eliminate) all those non value added ideas or concept or fear in his mind. With the letting go of all the non value added things in his mind, he can now focus on doing the right thing right to lead a happier life. 

May All Beings Be Well Happy Always!

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