Saturday, September 8, 2012

What A " Cancerous " Mindset!

I have been hearing people saying that in order for us to cure a cancer patient, the only way is to "destroy or kill" all the cancer cells in the body. I do not know whether is this a myth or a truth? Recently, I came across a video clip about how a Chinese physician uses the Origin-Point Therapy to help cancer patient to recover from the sickness. According to what the physician said, destroying or killing all the cancer cells by injecting or consuming the advance medicine may weaken the health of our body. He said that there were many obvious cases where the cancer patient went through surgical operation and a series of advanced medical treatment, their body immediately became very weak. They have to be isolated from the crowd, they will lose their appetite for food and they are also "banned" to eat certain type of food during the treatment period. What a suffering stage the patients have to go through! According to the physician, the increase of cancer cells in our body is just an INDICATOR to hint to us that our health is deteriorating and it is time for us to find ways to strength our health and not destroying the indicator. However, due to our misconception and fearful nature, most of time, we will find ways to destroy the indicator instead of finding ways to strength our health! According to the physician, cancer cells were already existed in our body since the day we were born. If cancer cells can really kill us, we will be dead since the day we were born. Hahaha....... . A good example would be our car, there are certain lights (indicators) installed in our car's dashboard to highlight to us if there are faulty areas in our car engine, however instead of repairing the faulty areas or parts, we tell our technician to disconnect the light because we think that if the light is disconnected, our car will be alright. A good question for us to reflect on : Should we repair the faulty parts or should we just disconnect the indicator?  

Well, human being tends to find ways to "destroy" or "chase away" their own relatives, friends or colleagues if he suspected that they are not committed to be with him. However, did he ever think of what has gone wrong and how should he strengthen the relationship instead of destroying the close link between him and others? Was it because he did not do the right thing right that had caused them to lost confident in him and leave him? I do not have an answer. What I can say is only this : "Whenever we point our fingers to others there are three fingers pointing back at us.". We need to think seriously what causes us to face this type of situation? We should not just put the blame on others. We are hitting at our ownself  and not others if we do not take the initiative to review what has gone wrong and just assume that others are wrong!

Any disagreement? Please share your view.

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